Men's Shelter Ministry

The Salvation Army Men's Shelter in Petersburg VA helps those who are in need of a place to stay and a meal to help them get back on their feet.  Our church helps this great ministry by providing a warm meal, sharing the Word of God, and praying with those who ask for prayer every Friday night.  We have wonderful people who are dedicated to this ministry and we are so thankful for them.  If you would like to help with this ministry, please contact us at 804-541-8300. You can be a Blessing to others and get a blessing in return.  The Shelter is located at 835 Commerce St., Petersburg, VA  23805.  See map below for location.

Salvation Army Men's Shelter Schedule is listed below.  If you cannot serve on your date, please ask your team if they can serve without you or try to find a team to switch with you.  If not, please call Tammy at 586-9581.  If you anticipate being later than 6:00 PM, please contact the shelter at 433-1688 and inform them.

Muncy/Samko Family        Jan 04       Feb 15       Mar 29       May 10       Jun 21       Aug 02
Paula Pemberton

Tammy Temple                 Jan 11        Feb 22       Apr 05       May 17       Jun 28       Aug 09
Diane Berberich
Paul Chiarky
Anthony Bonds

Juan Rojas                        Jan 18         Mar 01       Apr 12       May 24       Jul 05       Aug 16
Damaso Torres

Smitty & Karen Smith
       Jan 25          Mar 08      Apr 19       May 31       Jul 12       Aug 23
Debbie Hafner

Rocky Shearin
                  Feb 01         Mar 15       Apr 26       Jun 07       Jul 19        Aug 30
Melba Brown
Mrs. Wilson
Ben & Polly Brown

Whaley & Jackie Reed
     Feb 08        Mar 22       May 03       Jun 14       Jul 26       Sep 06
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